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Call for Participants: JEF Belgium Training Days 2015, 2-4 October, Leuven

Register *HERE* for the 2015 Days!

After a long hiatus, Belgium is getting back on track and reviving itself! We hope YOU join us in these exciting times :)  Belgium is the youth committee of the European Movement Belgium and the Belgian branch of the pan-European youth NGO Young European Federalists (JEF Europe).

JEF Belgium helps young people (age 16 up to 35) find their place in and offers the ideal combination of “Politics & Fun”. We design a wide variety of activities, such as international exchanges, political campaigns and local actions, for a new and stronger that is able to rise to the cross-border challenges of our interconnected societies. We dream of a increasingly “United in Diversity”, based on the principles of democracy, human rights, the rule of law, subsidiarity and civic participation. We have a clear political voice but are independent from political parties and pursue our objectives autonomously.

Europe is what we make of it.Our local sections in Ghent, Leuven and Louvain-La-Neuve (and hopefully soon other places like Liège and ) have strong ties with Belgium’s leading academic institutions and engage a local community. Our Brussels’ section is active in the midst of the beating heart of European politics and seizes the opportunity to build bridges between top-notch EU-politicians and the local ‘Bruxellois’. JEF Belgium serves as a coordination platform towards the grassroots level of our local sections as towards our European dimension.

8d13d898-bf01-4d90-bdb6-f412c2a20b56JEF Belgium is currently going through a transition phase. With the start of the new working year 2015-2016, we want to bring the new generation of Belgium-based pro-Europeans together, so we can share ideas, learn new skills, discuss on Europe’s future and make new friends. These are open to ALL: whether you are just curious or already know about JEF, everyone currently residing in Belgium and aged between 16 and 35 is WELCOME!

After TD-editions in Liège, Antwerp, Brussels, and Namur, the 2015 TD’s will take us to the vibrant but medieval student city of Leuven!

  • When & where: 2 October – 4 October 2015 in Leuven; from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon.
  • Who: Young Europeans aged 16-35 interested in Europe and residing (currently) in Belgium!
  • How: Through interactive sessions, presentations and brainstorms with experienced and new JEF’ers, experts and you!
  • Deadline to apply: We accept participants on a rolling basis until all spots are taken! You’ll get a notification soon after registration.
  • Participation fee: ONLY 30 euro for members of JEF / European Movement Belgium and 50 euro for non-members (You can immediately make yourself a member here). This participation fee covers everything except travel fees: accommodation for 2 nights in youth hostel ‘De Blauwput’, all meals and learning materials.


Interact with us via the Facebook Event Page.

Please find here a sneak peek at the preliminary agenda:

Preliminary Agenda TDs

We hope to hear from YOU! See you in Leuven!

JEF Belgium –