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JEF in the Press

De Schoonmoeder aller Verkiezingen – De interviews!

Zoals eerder aangehaald, slagen JEF België en de Ambrassade de handen in elkaar om ook jongeren een stem te geven in de aanloop naar de regionale, federale én Europese verkiezingen. Naar aanleiding van de verkiezingen van 25 mei 2014 zullen we honderd jongeren de kans geven om met hulp van “De Schoonmoeder aller Verkiezingen” een…

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StampMedia – Interviews with presidents Flemish political parties (Dutch)

[Nederlands] JEF Belgium and the Ambrassade have worked out a program called “De Schoonmoeder aller Verkiezingen” in order to give young people the chance to raise their voice during the campaigns for the regional, federal and European elections taking place in May 2014. Journalists of StampMedia managed to interview the presidents of the seven biggest…

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A Tribute to EU’s Greatest Achievement, Peace

This article has also been published at the online webzine The New Federalist. Today, the 11th of November, we commemorate the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany, ending one of the deadliest conflicts the world has ever known. Coined as “the war to end all wars” it…

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Knack – September 2013 (Nederlands)

Goele Janssen, one of our political secretaries, has written an opinion piece on how the German elections show a clear lack in our European democratic system. Her opinion piece was published in Knack, one of the leading qualitative magazines in Flanders.  

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Le Taurillon – August 2013 (Français)

Sébastien Pirlet, president of JEF Liège and since October 2013 political secretary of JEF Belgium, wrote an article in Le Taurillon titled: “Sortie de crise en vue!” Sébastien is a regular contributor to “Le Taurillon“, the French version of The New Federalist. The New Federalist, which is also available in German…

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Radio 1 – June 2013 (Nederlands)

Goele Janssen, one of our political secretaries, has been interviewed by Hautekiet, a well-known Flemish radio program. The interview was a response to the GeenStijl documentary on the earnings, and mis-abuse of it by a limited number of MEP’s. The interview can be found HERE.

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