JEF Belgium’s Training Days are Back!

After a year of absence in face-to-face format due to COVID, the JEF Belgium Training Days are back, in Charleroi!

You have surely heard the mythical legends about them. Let me assure you that this is an event you do not want to miss.

This year, we have doubled our efforts to offer you not just a training weekend but a whole training week with no less than 4 events to choose from (but why choose when you can just go to all of them, right?).

Check them out now and subscribe today!

L’Europe démocratique, ça se joue aussi au niveau national et local, au plus proche des citoyens. 👥 Quel est le rôle des parlementaires nationaux dans les grandes questions européennes et internationales ? Comment fonctionnent les institutions fédérales de notre pays ?

Le lundi 18 octobre dès 10h, nous te proposons une visite du parlement fédéral, suivie d’une session de brainstorming, et d’une rencontre avec Samuel Cogolati, député fédéral et vice-président de la Commission des Relations extérieures.

‼ Attention ‼ Les places étant limitées, l’inscription est obligatoire via le formulaire
You’re a JEFer, you consider yourself a federalist, but you still have trouble explaining to your muggle friends what it’s all about? ⚡ Or you’re not a JEFer yourself but you keep hearing that bunch of EU nerds dressed in green screaming Federazione Europea Subito at the top of their lungs and you want to finally understand what that F-word stands for? This online session is exactly what you need❗
Our Defence Against the Dark Arts of nationalism teacher will introduce you to federalism as a political system and discuss a series of questions that relate to federalist theory and practice. After this session, you will be an expert on federalism, able to convince even the most sceptical that a European federation is what is needed 😎
This workshop will take place online.
To receive the link for the event, register here  ➡

Have you ever dated a politician? 🤫 This event is your chance to have a special moment with them and ask them all your questions to see if they deserve your love/vote 🗳️💚

The concept is based on the format of speed-dating. The political representatives are placed in different “breakout rooms” on Zoom. Participants are divided into small groups and have 30-45 minutes with the political representative. Afterwards, we rotate so that each group of participants has the opportunity to exchange with each guest. The event is meant to be friendly, casual and non-formal so that participants can ask any questions they may have 🤔

 And last but not least… You know the drill! Every year, we invade a city in Belgium for a weekend-long Training Days event. This year, we’re going to the Black Country, Charleroi ! 🖤

You can look forward to:
🟢 A full weekend of workshops with a variety of guest speakers.
🔵 The space and time to shape and develop your own ideas.
🔴 Social/networking time, including a city tour of Charleroi.
🟡 Loads of JEF spirit to recharge your federalist batteries and feel inspired
For more information and the full agenda 👉
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