Our own releases for the media and mentions of us in the media.

JEF Liège: JEF Liège collected wishes for Europe during the “Youth on the Move” action – with Le président de la Commission Européenne:

September 2013 – ZDF

Captain Europe visited the monthly apéro of JEF Brussels and brought some German media with him (Deutsch)

September 2013 – Knack

Goele Janssen, one of our political secretaries, has written an opinion piece on how the German elections show a clear lack in our European democratic system for the Knack, one of the leading qualitative magazines in Flanders (Nederlands)

Juni 2013 – Radio 1

Goele Janssen, één van onze politiek secretarissen, live op op radio 1 naar aanleiding van de GeenStijl reportage. (Nederlands)

HAUTEKIET – Luisteraars over het Europees Parlement – 26/06/2013:

April 2013 – Radio 1

Cédric Fernández Alonso was interviewed by the Flemish ‘Radio 1’ during a lecture given by Jürgen Habermas. (Nederlands)

April 2013 – Die Welle

Peter Oomsels was interviewed by the German newspaper Die Welle during a lecture given by Jürgen Habermas.ührung/a-16775688 (Deutsch) (English)

April 2013 – RTBF radio

Sébastien Pirlet, president of JEF Liège, was interviewed by RTBF (classic21) about… JEF Liège! (Français)

April 2013 – Stampmedia

A journalist of Stampmedia visited JEF Gent during their annual speeddating event in april 2013. (Nederlands)

December 2012 – Café Babel (English)

Report on our 12/12/12 action last December.

December 2012 – Radio report on our 12/12/12 action (Français)

Mei 2012 – Veto

Interview with Peter & Sam by the student magazine ‘Veto‘ on the eurocrisis. (Nederlands)


2011 – Goed Gevoel

Popular magazine for the ladies – portrait of Angelique, former JEF Belgium president (see PDF) (Nederlands)


December 2010 – De Standaard

A column by Lorin Parys in De Standaard, one of the biggest quality news papers of Belgium, written after participating in the speeddating debate of JEF Leuven. (Nederlands)

November 2010 – Het Nieuwsblad

20 year remembrance of the Fall of the Berlin Wall organised by JEF Gent in cooperation with VGK & Minos (Nederlands)

November 2010 – Veto

JEF Leuven was interviewd by the student magazine ‘Veto‘ for the regular feature “De Regering”

Juni 2009 – De Standaard
Portraits of two (former) JEF Belgium members in a serial on the last European elections:
Ruben Loodts: Former SG of JEF Europe and at that time international officer of JEF Belgium
Elisabeth Velle: At that time president of JEF belgium

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