Deliverables & useful materials

 ReActiOn – 10 tips to tackle online hate speech

Hate Speech vs Freedom of Expression is a debate that’s been heating up these past few years. How can you recognise hate speech online and what can you do when you see it?

Capacity Building – Training Days 2020

How to recruit people, and keep them? How to keep small sections efficient? How to be involved as a non-board member? How to build continuity and long-term strategy?

By Juuso Järviniemi & Katharina Burren (JEF Europe)
Citizen Lobbying – Training Days 2020

Who is a typical (citizen) lobbyist? How do you define lobbying? How to professionalize civil society? How to become a citizen lobbyist?

By Simone Schirru & Jesse Colzani (The Good Lobby)
What is European federalism? – Training Days 2020

A compilation of texts to better understand the currents of thought of European federalism from the Second World War until today.

By Hervé Moritz (JEF France)
Federalist Manifesto – European Elections 2019

“We are convinced that trust can only be restored by creating a sustainable, inclusive, democratic society that effectively responds to the challenges of European citizens.”