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JEFers report from abroad

Cross Border Seminar in Lille: Borders Have Been Broken

The second Cross-Border seminar took place from the 8th till the 10th of November 2013 in Lille. The subject “nationalism and populism as a dangerous path for Europe” was promising and the expectations were high. Arriving together with the other participants, we knew this was the moment … borders had to be…

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Second Cross Border Seminar Through Simona’s Eyes

On Friday, November 8th, I found myself sitting in a train heading to Lille, France as a representative of JEF-Liège. Expectations, excitement, worries, feelings of unknown, maybe a bit of fear was crossing my mind when I was dragging my luggage through rainy Lille, passing magnificent Le Palais des Beaux-Arts. After…


Skopje – Training for Trainers

Na een korte nacht, een vlotte vlucht met een niet nader genoemde Sloveense maatschappij en een ‘Balkanese’ hamburger ter versteviging van de maag trokken Cédric en ik meteen naar Skopje downtown. Daar werden we verrast op een groot aantal neon belichte bombastische standbeelden en verschillende ‘historische’ gebouwen van maar liefst…

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JEF Liège Euregio Day

Auteur: Sébastien Pirlet (Président de JEF Liège) Le 29 juin, les sections JEF de l’Euregio (Maastricht, Aachen et Liège) ainsi que celle de Bruxelles se sont réunies à Liège pour une première journée « Euregio & Brussels ». Des membres de JEF de partout en Belgique se sont également joints au projet si…

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Exchange for Europe: JEF Brussels in Maastricht

Mirena Ivanova, a member of JEF Brussels, participated in the Exchange for Europe, a two-part international trip, organised by JEF Brussels and JEF Maastricht. Here is her account of the experience. Part I: Maastricht Signed in 1992, the Maastricht Treaty is a cornerstone in the history and development of the…

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Destination Europe!

Between the 4th and the 8th of February, 49 students got the opportunity to participate in a trip « destination Europe », organised by the European Movement Belgium, in collaboration with JEF Belgium. The trip has been subsidized by 2 Belgian Members of European Parliament (MEPs): Anne Delvaux and Bart Staes. Besides an educational…

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The first cross border seminar on the Eurocrisis and European solidarity

About a year ago the JEF Cross border network was launched.  The JEF sections of Belgium, Maastricht, Leiden, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Luxemburg and Lille all found common ground and started to plan the seminar on the Euro crisis and European solidarity. Even upon arriving at the hostel in Maastricht, the fatigue was…

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Young European Peers

European federalism? How to imagine that? What about: 35 young people, from 7 different countries, 11 days together, in one of the main cities of Europe: Berlin.

Sounds good, no?

Thanks to the help of the Ghent local section of JEF, I was able to apply for Youth in Action, a programme of the EU which gives grants to youth initiatives, together with six people from several countries around Europe. Norway, Luxembourg, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Armenia, Belgium, Greece and Germany, where the project was held. Each country delegation had one mentor, one of us, the organising team, and four participants. Everybody, including the mentors, was older than 16 and younger than 20!

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The Ventotene Files – II. Peace today in a Globalized World

Every year at the end of the summer, federalists gather on the beautiful island of Ventotene to discuss federalism to the bone. Last week, the 29th edition of the Ventotene seminar was organized by the Spinelli Institute under the title:  “Federalism: from Europe to the World”. The entire week was devoted to…

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