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JEF Belgium election activities

[ENGLISH] JEF Belgium proudly presents two of their elections activities: “De Schoonmoeder aller Verkiezingen!” – literally translated “The Mother-in-law of all Elections” for the Dutch speaking people and “Europinion 2014” for the French speaking people. As you might have heard already, we as Belgians, Flemings, Walloons, Brusselians, and Europeans will elect…

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StampMedia – Interviews with presidents Flemish political parties (Dutch)

[Nederlands] JEF Belgium and the Ambrassade have worked out a program called “De Schoonmoeder aller Verkiezingen” in order to give young people the chance to raise their voice during the campaigns for the regional, federal and European elections taking place in May 2014. Journalists of StampMedia managed to interview the presidents of the seven biggest…

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NOT Welcomed

Once Upon A Time… Starting January 1st, 2014 the UK fully liberalized the working restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians. Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union in 2007. Since then, they have been able to work in the UK under certain circumstances: employees had to apply for a “registration certificate”,…

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JEF Belgium Christmas Party

Voor de Nederlandstalige uitnodiging, klik HIER / Si tu veux consulter cette invitation en français, cliquer ICI. Join JEF Belgium to celebrate Christmas and toast on a New Year in Leuven with Gluhwein, cheesy christmas songs and a nice snack. And to get really in the christmas mood, there is Secret Santa.…

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Second Cross Border Seminar Through Simona’s Eyes

On Friday, November 8th, I found myself sitting in a train heading to Lille, France as a representative of JEF-Liège. Expectations, excitement, worries, feelings of unknown, maybe a bit of fear was crossing my mind when I was dragging my luggage through rainy Lille, passing magnificent Le Palais des Beaux-Arts. After…

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Special Report: JEF Belgium Training Days 2013

JEF Brussels member Hamza Serry-Senhaji, our new regular columnist, has written an action-packed report for all those who have missed two life-changing days with a group of enthusiastic European federalists. Curious about how it unfolded? Read on. The JEF Belgium Training Days On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of March, JEF…

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