Belgium and the European Green Deal: a just transition for everyone?! – Reaction to Zuhal Demir

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The European Commission unveiled its proposal for a Just Transition Fund on 14 January 2020, in regards to the European Green Deal. Although the details have yet to be agreed on during  negotiations between the Council and the Parliament, the Fund would provide EUR 7.5 billion to offset the perverse economic and social effects of the energy transition upon the […]

I choose Europe – JEF Belgium promotes the European Elections 2019

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JEF Belgium takes part in the campaign “I Choose Europe”, which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and coordinated by Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) together with 10 further national JEF sections and several other civil society organisations: Animafac, Assembly of European Regions, Balkans Beyond Borders, Center for Intercultural Dialogue, DYPALL Network, Europe4Youth, European Educational Exchanges […]

JEF Belgium Training Days 2018: The devil wears populism

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After a couple days of rest, it is time to look back at the amazing weekend we had in Liège at the JEF Belgium Training Days. The 2018 edition – The Devil Wears Populism – was franed around the theme of debunking fake news and false narratives and building political narratives. After an informal Friday night to get to know each other […]

Autumn Federal Committee 2018 on a boat!

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For the second Federal Committee of 2018, JEF Europe brought the challenge to whole new level, organizing it on a boat connecting Sweden and Finland by night! After a very interesting panel debate on the topic of smart cities, and how to design efficient and sustainable cities for the future, we as part of the 100 participants coming from all-around […]

European Youth Event (EYE2018)

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It won’t be easy to summarise how wonderful and exciting this third edition of European Youth Event was! More than 8000 young people from all around Europe ?, more than 300 JEF members, proudly wearing our green and blue colours and debating the need for a Federal Europe! There is no greater feelings than to realise that your fight is shared by so […]