Enjoy Your Future project kick-off in Belgium

The Enjoy Your Future project was kicked off in Belgium, Leuven to be more precise, on the 3rd of December 2017 during the JEF Belgium Training Days. The last day of the training days was the perfect time to unwrap some early Christmas presents: a game, upcoming debates and consultations with the decision-making levels – all about the future of Europe.

To be fair, we were all quite exhausted – proof of that in the picture below. In our defence, it was early on a Sunday morning after two exciting but exhausting training days. Despite the tiredness, our public was happy to hear that this would provide for a real opportunity to influence decision making.

Interested in the Enjoy Your Future project? Play the game here and read the article about the project on our website.

More information and updates on the JEF Belgium and the Enjoy Your Future Facebook page.

Ine Tollenaers presenting the Enjoy Your Future project to the Training Days’ participants

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Ventotene Seminar 2017

Ventotene Seminar – JEF Belgium

From September 3rd to 8th, more than 150 JEFers gathered in Ventotene, a small island on the Italian coast, for the 34th edition of the Ventotene Seminar. The Altiero Spinelli Institute, with the help of JEF Italy, organised this said “milestone in a JEFer’s life” bringing together young Italians, Europeans, as well as people from other regions of the world to learn, debate, discuss, meet and go further with the idea of a European federation.

Indeed, Altiero Spinelli, founding father of the “European federalism” was exiled as an anti-fascist opponent on the island of Ventotene; and it’s on this island that, in 1941 he wrote with Ernesto Rossi the “Manifesto for a free and united Europe”, better known as the “Manifesto of Ventotene”.

What’s my advice to JEFers after one week on this inspiring island lost off the coast of Italy? , The “Ventotene’s Manifesto” should be your bedside book and you should apply for the 35th edition of the Ventotene Seminar as soon as possible!

Marine Betrancourt
Communication Officer at JEF Europe

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