Three days in The Hague


Wow, my first blog entry ever! This should be fun! Last Thursday, the Europe@MYDESK event started in The Hague, a beautiful city in the Netherlands. I arrived around noon at the Holland Spoor station, where Ruben (the former JEF-Leuven president) and Zane were waiting for me. We then drove straight to Albert Heijn, some kind of enormously popular Dutch supermarket. […]

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Europe, tear down this wall!

EU future

The 9th of November JEF Leuven’s first activity took place! We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, together with several of our JEF departments all over Europe! Our goal was not just to reminisce about Eastern Europe’s new found freedom, but also to point out that despite our progress, there are still many visa-restrictions that […]

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De Standaard – June 2009 (Nederlands)


In the run up of the European elections in June 2009, two of our board members at that time were interviewed by De Standaard, one of the main newspapers in Flanders. You can read the article about Ruben Loodts, former International officer of JEF Belgium and former SG of JEF Europe, and Elisabeth Velle, former JEF Belgium president, underneath.   […]

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