Elections 2014

JEF Belgium election activities

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[ENGLISH] JEF Belgium proudly presents two of their elections activities: “De Schoonmoeder aller Verkiezingen!” – literally translated “The Mother-in-law of all Elections” for the Dutch speaking people and “Europinion 2014” for the French speaking people. As you might have heard already, we as Belgians, Flemings, Walloons, Brusselians, and Europeans will elect a new parliament on May 25 2014. Because we as […]


JEF Belgique Fête de Noël

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Voor de Nederlandstalige uitnodiging, klik HIER / To read this invitation in English, click HERE. Rejoins JEF Belgique pour célébrer Noël et porter un toast à la Nouvelle Année! Nous nous réunissons à Leuven avec du vin chaud, des chansons de noël ringardes et un chouette apéro. Et pour se mettre pleinement dans l’ambiance de Noël, il y aura un […]

JEF Cross Border Network

Second Cross Border Seminar Through Simona’s Eyes

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On Friday, November 8th, I found myself sitting in a train heading to Lille, France as a representative of JEF-Liège. Expectations, excitement, worries, feelings of unknown, maybe a bit of fear was crossing my mind when I was dragging my luggage through rainy Lille, passing magnificent Le Palais des Beaux-Arts. After asking eight strangers on the street, challenging my (poor) map […]