Autumn Federal Committee 2018 on a boat!

For the second Federal Committee of 2018, JEF Europe brought the challenge to whole new level, organizing it on a boat connecting Sweden and Finland by night!

After a very interesting panel debate on the topic of smart cities, and how to design efficient and sustainable cities for the future, we as part of the 100 participants coming from all-around Europe departed from Stockholm (Sweden) to sail in the direction of Turku (Finland). After a first night partying on the boat, we arrived in Finland to properly start the autumn FC 2018.

Activity reports, presentation of the very good financial situation of JEF Europe, the launch of various ambitious projects related to the upcoming European elections we all then moved on getting to work in the three political committees. We discussed and proposed amendments to be voted on the next day. Followed were the different workshops.

The 100 JEFers hopped on the second boat to sail back to Stockholm on Saturday night. and what a night this was! A full dance floor of JEFers, a (too) successful karaoke, numerous drinks from the duty free shops, contemplating the Baltic Sea on the boat’s decks, all to make what will remain an incredible experience and an unforgettable FC.

Congratulations to all the Secretariat and Board for all the hard work, and a special thank from JEF Belgium to the newly appointed Secretary General, Milos Ristovski, for whom this FC was the first to organize!

Next FC will take place in London in march 2019 (a week before Brexit, coincidence, I think not!) and the next Congress will take place in Paris! See you all there!