Call for participants: EuroMed Vibes: Back to the roots of Democracy

JEF Europe and JEF Greece have opened the call for participants for their next international seminar in Athens from 14 to 19 April 2013!

As the Arab Spring has moved across the Middle East and North Africa, grassroots calls for democratic reform have opened avenues for increased political participation by traditionally marginalized groups. Young people, often at the vanguard of the reform movements, have seized platforms to present their visions for the future of their countries. But in many instances they face barriers to achieving decision- and policy-making roles, particularly within traditional political institutions.

About the seminar

Co-organised by JEF-Europe and JEF-Greece, the international seminar will take place from 14 to 19 April 2013 in Athens!
Co-organised by JEF-Europe and JEF-Greece, the international seminar will take place from 14 to 19 April 2013 in Athens!

In view of better understanding the underlying causes of the Arab Spring and how to continue the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the future, we will look back at the Greek roots of the concept of democracy: demos (people) and kratos (rule). We aim to draw parallels to the significant role young people in particular played in the recent movements for change and what challenges lie ahead for sustained political engagement.

The seminar will try to find out how undemocratic societies can grow and develop into full-fledged democracies with respect to human rights and the rule of law. In this respect the problematic situation in Belarus and the continuous obligation of Council of Europe member states to abide by their commitments (recently Hungary) deserve additional attention and can be used as case- studies.

How will we work
The working methodology is based on a combination of non-formal and formal education methods and on a strong interaction with democratic and civil society representatives.

In order to ensure smooth functioning of the activities the team of trainers will meet on several occasions before the seminar to plan the implementation of the programme. Efforts will be made to find speakers with different professional, political and geographical backgrounds. The trainers, facilitators and participants will be selected in order to constitute a representative and gender balanced group of young people from all over the European continent with inclusion of several participants from the Euro-Mediterranean region.

To apply please follow the link HERE

Practical information:
Deadline for applications: 10 February 2013.

Participation fee: 120 EUR for JEF members and 150 EUR for non-JEF members. Travel reimbursement: 70% of travel costs (maximum reimbursement = 170 EUR) JEF Europe and JEF Greece will assist in visas in case needed.

If you have any questions, please contact our friends from JEF Europe:

JEF seminars | European Secretariat Square de Meeûs 25
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Phone: +32 2 5120053
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