12/12/12:Time to decide:? Wish upon yEUr star ?

An audio report on our action by Benoît Theunissen can be listened HERE.

What? We will gather wishes for the future of Europe , which will be written on stars tied to balloons that will be released in front of the European Council, so they can watch over the decisive meeting of 13 and 14 December. The action is part of the pan-European action “12/12/12- Time to Decide – Time for a European Federation!”, which will be organised in over 20 cities in Europe

Where? We start at Brussels’ central station at 7 p.m. and we conclude at the European Council. Find our route here!

When?  12.12.12

JEF Brussels - stars for solidarityA few weeks ago, at the autumn university of the Jeunes Européens France, Guy Verhofstadt did something we’ve rarely seen him do; he admits having made mistakes. The approach taken with the Declaration of Laken (2001), which initiated the European Convention,  might not have been the right one, since now he admits that he wouldn’t push for the word ‘constitution’ so early in the process (it is mentioned twice in the Declaration). However, Verhofstadt is convinced that the political landscape in Europe has changed significantly.  In fact, the magnitude of the competences currently shifting towards the European level, should make it clear to all of us that the way in which the EU is presently functioning is inadequate.

In 2001, the need for a European Convention was triggered by the enlargement off the EU-15 to the eventual EU-27. The Union simply couldn’t function in the same way with twelve more member states.

Today however, the sense of necessity for European institutional change stems from a different source. The European Union is in desperate need of a solid political foundation for the monetary union, as well as the creation of a real fiscal, banking and economic union. A mere supervisory capacity not enough, as these institutions also need real power and resources, the ability to tax and spend, create growth or support member states that are in need of solidarity. Many people share the fear that transferring these competences leaves the door open for creating an undemocratic ‘super-state’.  The only protection against this fear lies within a federal Europe!

Therefore, the much needed second phase of the institutional changes has to be accompanied by the creation of a more European democracy. A serious political union cannot and should not consist of ever more meetings of the national heads of state and government. They have their own countries to run! It requires a democratic and legitimate European government, alongside a powerful parliament that has the right to initiate European legislation.

On December 13 and 14, the heads of state and government will once again gather for  a decisive summit meeting where Van Rompuy will present his final budget proposal after months of negotiating. We will gain insight into how the Council sees our Union’s future. If an agreement between the 27 is reached, it will determine which route the EU is to take.

As European citizens we need to make a statement. It’s time that those attending the summit walk in the footprints of those who have earned the Nobel peace prize for the EU, a prize which many of them take much pride in. It is time for them to gather the necessary courage and take a leap forward in the direction of a federal Europe… Courage and vigor on the highest political stage.

Our letters to the MEP's
Our letters to the MEP’s

The realisation of the urgent measurements I have previously put forward, is starting to dawn in the minds of the citizens who feel the current indecisiveness and procrastination of those in power first hand. With the 12.12.12 action, we want to make it clear to our political leaders that they are being watched by their citizens, who will make sure their voice is heard on the highest level of European politics: the European Council as well as the European Parliament!

Earlier, federalists in Belgium already addressed the Belgian MEPs in order  to draw their attention to the responsibility of the European Parliament, as the most democratic European institution has to push the development of a more ambitious European project further onwards. We now ask the citizens to use voice and actions in order to determine Europe’s destination. We therefore want to gather your wishes for the future of the EU and place them among the stars on the 12th of December, where they will watch over the crucial round of European decision making taking place the next couple of days.

Our wish is clear. We want the national governments and the European members of parliament to prepare a new European Convention on the future of the EU. This Convention should involve the governments of the member states, the national parliaments, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

But more importantly, citizens need to guide the way. What is your wish for Europe? Make sure it is heard and join our action! To put it in the words of the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz: “on a besoin de milliers des federateurs.”

So share your wish, join the action on 121212 in Brussels and stay updated via facebook and JOIN US FOR A BETTER EUROPE!

Picture taken at a European demonstration in Lille (17th of November 2012)