Berlin Calling: Day 4 of the Seminar

Ouch, the nightlife of Berlin can hurt too, certainly in the morning. Since most clubs stay open until the early hours, at the Berkheim for example there was still a big line at six, I didn’t had a lot of sleep. That is however not a very big problem, since almost everybody seemed to suffer from the same condition. Luckily there wasn’t much work to do on Sunday. In the morning we just finished up the last bits of our workshop work, and after that we headed back to the Commission building that’s at the Brandenburg. In our lazy seats we got a nice introduction of what everybody did in their workshops. Some did a little play, some did a little bit of street action in the room and some just gave a short presentation about their work. To end, JEF Germany gave us a nice sandwich lunch before saying bye.

Saying bye is always a difficult thing to do. Especially when everybody has food in his or her mouth. We got to know a lot of new people, learned new skills and fell in love with Berlin. A city so diverse and creative, a place where everybody can find something to fall in love with. I never planned to write a lot about this last day so I’ll stop here. I hope you enjoyed this blog and maybe you’re interested in going on a JEF seminar yourself. If this is the case you should definitely contact a local section or somebody on the board of JEF Belgium.

To end I would like to thank JEF Germany for this great opportunity they offered. It was a nice seminar and a warm and fun stay. Hope to see these our German JEF friends again somewhere in Europe.

With love, from Berlin