General Assembly 16th of February

[NEDERLANDS] [FRANCAISAll paying members of JEF Belgium (which includes the members of the European Movement Belgium under 35)* are warmly invited to participate in our General Assembly. You only need to register underneath. If you are not able to be there in person, you can also give a proxy vote to someone else. In that case, please mention his/her name in the registration form. If you want to run as candidate for the Federal Committee, you can announce your candidacy at the General Assembly itself. However, if you would like to run for a board position, please let us know (via the registration form) by February 10th at the latest. If you want to become a part of the next JEF Belgium board, but you are not sure yet what this would mean, we suggest you to have a look at our website or to contact us at

 *If you are not a member yet, but you would like to become one, please visit this (Dutch) or this (French).


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JEF Belgium wants YOU!

JEF Belgium is looking for a new board! Register underneath to attend our General Assembly,  and maybe even present yourself as a candidate for the board of JEF Belgium!

As the 16th of February is coming closer, the mandate of the current JEF Belgium bureau draws to an end. And with it an intense year of European federalist action, promotion, representation, and discussion, and of course the preparation and kick-off of the campaigns for the European parliamentary elections. On the 16th of February, a new JEF Belgium bureau will be elected by the General Assembly.

This year is going to be an extremely interesting one. The European elections of the 25th of May are considered a very decisive moment in European history. Which Europe do we want? Are we getting closer to a (more) federal union, or do the Eurosceptic voices gain momentum? How to we approach the various challenges Europe has to face in these times? The current board of JEF Belgium, the local sections, and other JEF-fers have already been very busy with planning several events in the scope of the European elections. Do you want to be part of the team which will realise these plans? Do you want to make JEF’s voice heard in the run up to the European elections? Do you want to shape the election campaign? But it doesn’t stop here. We have the future in our hands. It is us who have to discuss and influence the future we will live in. And this doesn’t stop on the 25th of May with the elections. This is our “mandate” until we reach our goals.

If this is something for you, then JEF Belgium totally needs you! Don’t hesitate, and become candidate for the board of JEF Belgium! Let’s start now to build and promote the ideas that shape our world.

JEF Belgium is a bi-lingual politically pluralistic organisation, which means that it doesn’t matter what your language or political preference is. Our vision for the future is European. We support a federal, constitutional, and democratic Europe of citizens in which the rule of law and subsidiarity are the guiding principles. All members of JEF Belgium* are invited to the General Assembly of 16th of February, during which they will be able to vote for the bureau candidates, or apply for any of the bureau positions. If you want to join the team that will lead our organisation through the crucial European election year of 2014, register underneath!

Conny Hoffmann
President JEF Belgium