General Assembly 10th of March: JEF Belgium wants you!

JEF Belgium is looking for a new board! Register here or underneath to attend our General Assembly and maybe even present yourself as a candidate for the board of JEF Belgium!

As the tenth of March is coming closer, the mandate of the current JEF Belgium bureau draws to an end. An intense year of European federalist action, promotion, representation and discussion will culminate in the training days for our members on the ninth and tenth of March. On the tenth of March, a new JEF Belgium bureau will be elected by the General Assembly.

Our campaign for an EU constitutional convention

This next bureau is sure to face some interesting times. In 2012, we saw European 
federalists call for a move towards post-nationalism. Belgium however, became more divided between a rise of Flemish-nationalism in Flanders on the one hand, and the utter rejection thereof in the more Belgium-minded Wallonia on the other hand. Meanwhile, as the European parliamentary elections of 2014 draw closer, David Cameron calls for flexibility through a renegotiation of the British position in the EU, while others claim it is time for the organisation of a European constitutional convention that would firmly establish the rights and duties in Union in a European constitution. It is hard to envy the position of Brussels. It is difficult to say whether it is a blessing or a curse to be the capital of both a Union and a country of opposites.

While the world is globalising, the European union is torn between opposite visions for the future of democracy. A debate about the very fundamentals of our political system is gaining momentum beneath the surface. Young people need to consider: which Europe do we want, which Europe is suggested by who, and which Europe are we getting?

That’s why JEF Belgium wants you! Young people own the future. They should be discussing and influencing the future they will live in. They need to help build the ideas that shape their world and counter the arguments that threaten it.

In times of crisis, it is important to remember how strong European bonds are.

JEF Belgium is a bi-lingual politically pluralistic organisation, which means that it doesn’t matter what your language or political preference is. Our vision for the future is European. We support a federal, constitutional and democratic Europe of citizens in which the rule of law and subsidiarity are the guiding principles. All members of JEF Belgium are invited to the General Assembly of 10 March, during which they will be able to vote for the bureau candidates or apply for any of the bureau positions. If you want to join the team that will lead our organisation to the crucial European election year of 2014, register here or underneath!

We are looking for a President, a Secretary-General, a Treasurer, a Local Section Officer, an International Officer, two Political Secretaries, and an Activity officer. Read further if you want to find out what these people do in JEF Belgium!

Wanted: President

–       Presides the JEF Belgium bureau meetings
–       Coordinates the work of the bureau of JEF Belgium
–       Motivates and engages the bureau, the local sections and individual members
–       Represents and promotes JEF Belgium on local, national and international level
–       Spreads the JEF vibe & attracts new members!

As president of JEF Belgium, you could have some fun bossing these people around!

Wanted: Local section officer

–       Represents JEF Belgium towards local sections
–       Initiates, coordinates and assists start-up of new local sections
–       Spreads the JEF vibe & attracts new members!


–       Manages official administration (Moniteur Belge)
–       Drafts bureau meeting agendas and reports
–       Coordinates communication through Newsflash, website and facebook
–       Spreads the JEF vibe & attracts new members!

Reminding the EU council summit that their citizens are watching them.

Wanted:? Treasurer

–       Budgeting and accounting of JEF Belgium
–       Keeps the budget balanced
–       Actively searches for funds for JEF Belgium
–       Manages membership registration and payment
–       Spreads the JEF vibe & attracts new members!

Wanted: International Officer

–       Is in charge of international seminar registration
–       Distributes European JEF news to the local sections
–       Maintains relationships with other international organisations
–       Represents JEF Belgium on the EU-level, such as FC’s and Congresses
–       Spreads the JEF vibe & attracts new members!

Wanted: Two Political Secretaries

–       Work on political content derived from local sections input
–       Organise political discussion and promote federalist arguments and positions
–       Prepare resolutions for JEF-Europe policy and defend them on JEF Europe FC’s
–       Write articles and opinion pieces, try to grab media attention
–       Network with other political actors
–       Spread the JEF vibe & attracts new members!

Wanted: Activity officer

–       Coordinates organisation of JEF Belgium training days
–       Coordinates organisation of social events (e.g cross-local teambuilding)
–       Coordinates organisation of fundraising events (e.g. yearly bbq)
–       Spreads the JEF vibe & attracts new members!

A political meeting: writing and discussing articles for the federalist wiki

We hope to see you on the 10th of March in Brussels!

Take care,

Peter Oomsels
President JEF Belgium

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