JEF Malta: seminar on migration

Arrival & Monday
Welcome to the castle
After a two and a half hour flight we landed ahead of schedule. Luqua Airport is a small airport (for a small island), and finding a cab wasn’t too difficult. So finally we arrived at the hostel where we’re going to spend the majority of our time during the next week. After all the formalities of checking in and introducing, it was time for bed….getting up after a long evening of traveling, always stings.
And this time was no different. Bright and early (7:45 am) it was time to get some breakfast to get the day started. Today’s goal mainly was to get everyone on the same page. What is migration exactly? What are the different types of migration? If you want to have a good discussion, it’s very important that everybody has the same definition of the different concepts.  But of course there can’t be a first day without an “ice-breaking game”. And in my personal opinion. Every ice-breaking game is one too many.  So, a brainstorming session, a lecture and a discussion set the record straight for the first day. You don’t need to worry, as we also teak a break on a regular basis.
The day ended with the traditional international evening. As always with a successful Belgian representation of alcohol (jenever and beer) and food (chocolate and speculoos). But now there was something extra… we were asked to present our country in a “original” way. Which meant acting, singing, dancing and drawing; something I did not like, but ok, as a group, we had fun. The talking and drinking went on until an early hour. On to tomorrow.

Post by Cédric Fernandez