Thursday “Change Day” & Friday “Evaluation Day”

On Thursday we had to be creative in different kind of workshops and think about what we as JEF could do to improve gender equality or raise awareness about the fact that there IS an inequality. There was a group working on a gender resolution that would be put forward on the FC following on the seminar. Cordula, Merete and me focused on a campaign and worked out a possible street action, rewriting street names with famous and important women names to point out to the underrepresentation of women in different kind of fields. This campaign would need a webpage with names and info about different women from all over Europe. Also campaign material, such as postcards or leaflets were made that could be used in the campaign. Besides that short videos were produced that could be put online to support the gender campaign and one working group focused on the website made for this seminar, and made a blog diary of the whole week:

So we all produced a lot of output and can therefore sincerely say the topic was interesting and there is a need to spread the word about gender equality! After this creative sessions, we went out and had a splendid last evening party, since on Friday “Evaluation Day” participants left, we evaluated the whole week and new participants started arriving for the FC!

I had a wonderful week, meeting new JEF people and seeing old friends again, debating heavely and learning a lot, and off course, enjoying nice parties. Notting can top JEF seminars, so thanks to all the JEFFERS organizing these wonderful days for us!

If you would like to watch a video on the seminar or different video’s made about gender equality: