Wednesday “Experience Day”

Wednesday was “Experience Day” and, lucky us, it was sunny day as well! Divided into two groups, we had a guided tour with a local inhabitant through the old city center in the morning, and a presentation of the NGO Moznost Volby. This NGO is working about gender and feminism and some of their main goals are gender equality and implementation of gender mainstreaming, elimination and prevention of violence against women, elimination of all forms of discrimination and so on. They already organized campaigns that left quite a deep impact on the public opinion of Slovakia, like the one on “Every fifth woman is abused” in a domestic violence campaign. One out of five, that is outrageous! If you want to know more you can visit .

In the afternoon we went to the European Commission to listen to a panel debate with a representative of the Council of Europe and local representatives, comparing the gender issue on European level as well as on the Slovakian. The debate was very interesting, but after a good lunch it is difficult to keep attention on a high level. After the debate we had some free time and we decided with a whole group to walk to the castle. It was worth the walk, though we could not see everything because of construction works. In the evening we went out dancing salsa and many more in Club Havana, enjoyable evening!