New Year, New Projects for Europe

On January 11, JEF Brussels gathered for the first social event of the year. On this occasion we thought that – since a huge turnout was expected – it would be the perfect moment to introduce the Enjoy Your Future project. Indeed it was, and Ine Tollenaers took the lead explaining to attending youngsters what the game was, why it was so important to give it a try, and how to get involved in the project and European politics in general.

JEF Brussels team also got involved to cover more grounds and we managed to use the project as a good way to bring on board many young people.

There were no doubts this mix of social event and innovative project was a win. Many of the interested ones started play the quiz right on the spot and it created insightful debates amongst them.

The event was a success and we were very happy to spread the game during our event. A cooperation that we would be glad to renew in the near future!

Luke Brown
JEF Brussels Treasurer