Board 2021, sashay away! Board 2022, shantay you stay!

After an intense year high in projects, actions and JEF spirit of all kinds, JEF Belgium is thrilled to convene its General Assembly 2022.

After one year of absence in face-to-face format, the GA is back in person and will take place on Thursday, 27 January at 6pm, in Brussels (38 rue Melsens 1000 Brussels, close to Saint-Catherine).

The outgoing 2021 board will present its activity report, we will elect the new board for 2022 and we will then celebrate altogether the new year and the new board.

JEF Belgium is therefore looking for young passionate Europeans to join the team in 2022. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced JEFer or a newbie, there is no specific requirements to apply to the board, apart from wanting to contribute to a better Europe and being willing to learn!

We are looking for candidates for the following positions:

  • President : presides over the board, leads strategically and represents the organization 

  • Secretary General : head organizer of the board, the right hand of the president, coordinates the board, organizes the board meetings and makes sure notes are taken, ensures an efficient task distribution between the board members and the follow-up of tasks 

  • Treasurer : head of finances, manages the budget, makes sure the organisation is financially sound, looks for funding opportunities and coordinates the grant application work, in close contact with the local sections regarding finances and membership   

  • International Officer : first contact person with JEF Europe, other national sections and other international partners, ensures JEF Belgium participation to European projects, represents JEF Belgium in international events, develops JEF Belgium’s cross-border networks 

  • Policy Officer : coordinates the political and advocacy work of the organisation in close cooperation with the president and the JEF Belgium Federal Committee, follows closely the political work at the JEF Europe level and ensures JEF Belgium’s contribution to it, represents JEF Belgium at the Federal Committee meetings of JEF Europe 

  • Communication Officer : manages the communication channels of JEF Belgium (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter), ensures a good visibility of the organization online, develops an attractive and coherent visual identity of the organisation, creates new graphic designs and content in cooperation with other board members and local sections 

  • Local Sections Officer : main contact person for local sections, helps them in their development and capacity-building, report their needs and asks to the national board, organizes training and support them in their recruitment efforts in cooperation with other board members 

  • Executive Board Member : board member with no predefined portfolio, supports the board in its activities, depends on the person’s interests and skills 

  • Federal Committee Member : defines the general political orientation of the association, together with other Federal Committee members, the national board and local sections 

  • ? : we are never short of motivated people and of talents. You would like to apply for the board but you don’t find what’s for you in the aforementioned positions? Create your own! Do you have experience with WordPress? Become our Webmaster! Is there a project in particular you would like to do? Join us as a Project Officer! JEF is a laboratory for anything you would like to do and get better at.

Ready to embark on the JEF Belgium adventure? You can apply here!

You still have a lot of questions? We are organizing an info session on 13 January for you to meet us, learn more about JEF Belgium and the different positions, etc. More info coming soon…

Would like to attend the General Assembly as a simple member and take part in the voting process? Sign up here!

And also, don’t forget to check the Facebook event

In any case, whether as a member or candidate for a position, we hope to see you at our General Assembly on 27th January to close this amazing year and open a new one together.

Federalist hugs,
The JEF Belgium Board 2021