International Seminar on Gender in Bratislava! 21-26 March

Saturday the 20th of March I took the plane to Bratislava, together with Pia and Tomas from the JEF Europe office. Always nice to know that, leaving from Brussels to an International Seminar, most of the times you are accompanied by our friends of the JEF secretariat! Anyways, arriving too soon for the seminar, due to no planes flying on Sunday, we went to have a look in the city of Bratislava. It is not a big city, at least not for a capital, but the old part is quite charming. ( On Sunday the other participants arrived throughout the day and we started in the evening by getting to know each other by playing ice-breaking games! We also started thinking about how to use the elevators efficiently, since it takes ages for them to get up or down and even opening up! So reaching breakfast in time in the morning really was a challenge! But the hotel was nice and in retro style I felt like taking a jump into the fifties!